Hiking Kotor

We start with the morning transfer to Krstac, a place situated at the altitude of 900m on the mountain of Lovćen. Descent to the medieval town of Kotor leads through a pine wood and an ancient road which has for centuries been connecting Kotor and the hinterland of Montenegro. Refreshed after a picnic break in an abandoned village near the fortress of San Giovanni, we continue towards the old town of Kotor. Upon arrival, we will take a guided tour around the city nucleus and you will enjoy your free time before returning to the hotel.
Hiking Paštrovići

We dedicate this tour to panoramic view of Budva region and its monasteries, starting with early transfer to a village near St.Stefan. While walking up the road rich in Mediterranean herbs, you will enjoy the view of the famous island-hotel of St Stefan. We will visit the summer pasture of Ograđenica and a small church dedicated to St Spiridon. After refreshing picnic break in the garden of Duljevo monastery, we are ready for a short boat trip which will take us to a little isolated beach near Budva. The finish of the day, before returning to the hotel, is our guided visit to old city of Budva.
Hiking Vrmac

We start with transfer to Gornja Lastva, a well preserved village from XV century in the vicinity of Tivat at the altitude of 300 m. We continue along an old Austro-Hungarian road, meandering through the peaks of the mountain Vrmac, whilst enjoying the superior view over Tivat and Kotor bays. Your guide will organize the picnic in the pine woods of Vrmac, near the old fortress. Return to hotel in the afternoon, over the slopes of Vrmac passing through the ancient and abandoned village of Gornji Bogdašići.
8 days hiking tour

Arrival to Tivat, transfer to the hotel.

Transfer to Gornja Lastva, village in the vicinity of Tivat at the altitude of 300 m. Visit of the village which is preserved in its original form from the XV century. Departure from the village and walking towards the peaks of the mountain Vrmac, with a wonderful view of Tivat and Kotor bays. Picnic in the pine woods near the Austro-Hungarian fortress. Return to Tivat in the afternoon, passing through the ancient village of Bogdašići...more
Vrmac and Kotor bay

We start with a transfer to Gornja Lastva, an ancient village on the Vrmac peninsula. After enjoying the medieval architecture, we continue along an old Austro-Hungarian road made of stone. As soon as we reach the top of the hill, we will hurl ourselves into the chestnut wood and descend towards the pictoresque village of Gornji Stoliv, and take a refreshing picnic break next to the sea. After the break, a small boat will take us to an island of Our Lady of the Rocks, where Casino Royal was filmed, and admire Perast, the baroque town. To make the day truly unforgettable, we will then enjoy a guided visit of Kotor, and its old town protected by UNESCO.
Bird watching

Geographical position of Montenegro is particularly convenient for nest building of different species of birds. If we take into consideration that the migration itineraries of many birds cross over this territory, it becomes very clear why we can observe around 330 species of birds, of the all 500 in Europe. 70 ℅ of the territory of Montenegro is the mountain region. On all those cliffs and rocks near to Podgorica (20 km), we can easily find some threatened and sparse species of birds.  Just for mention some of spices we can observe in this area during the period from the middle of August to the middle of June: Blue Rock Thrush, Common Rock Thrush, Black-eared Wheatear and Western Rock Nuthatch, it should be also added that there are the others terrestrial habitats where we organize watching the birds.For the observers, this is very attractive to have opportunity for watching such the sparse spices which usually spend a lot of time on hardly accessible places.
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